If you want a Hen party that is truly unique then why not give Helicopter Flights, Micro Light, Hot Air Ballooning a go? Whether you're looking for a bit of fun or want the chance to claim bragging rights over your mates, Helicopter Flights, Micro Light, Hot Air Ballooning is the perfect choice for an adrenaline filled and fun Hen party.

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Helicopter Flights, Micro Light, Hot Air Ballooning Hen Parties in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

Marriage only happens once in a lifetime in you’re lucky- so I needed to make sure everything was perfect. I’m not just talking about the day itself, because the hen party is just as important as walking down the aisle. Marriage hopefully lasts forever, so I needed the perfect final night of freedom. I gave my best friend the task of arranging the hen night for all the girls, as I knew she’d come up with something completely unforgettable.

As well as the usual night out, she suggested we avoid the usual hen party shenanigans. She didn’t want us to spend have a spa day, or go get pampered- she said we needed to do something we’ve always wanted to do, because after marriage, you may never find the perfect time again. I’ve always wanted to go hot air ballooning; it may be a stereotypically romantic activity, but my fiancée has a really bad fear of heights. If I can’t go with him, the only other people I want up in the air with me are my girls!

The girls loved the idea and we booked a hot air ballooning trip with Scenes Above straight away. From up in the air, we’d be able to see beautiful scenery for miles all around us, so it would certainly be unforgettable- plus, we’d also have some bubbly, so it would get the hen action off to a wild start! We couldn’t wait to make our way on over, as it seemed like the perfect start to a girl’s night out- just us against the world, hundreds of feet high in the air.

When we got to the venue, the staff went out of their way to create the perfect hen party atmosphere for us. They knew I was only going to get this experience once, so they wanted to make sure I couldn’t have asked for anything better. As we made my way to the skies, with my best friends by my side, I couldn’t have been happier. The views were stunning and the entire trip was unforgettable. I would love to get back up there again straight away; when you’re that high, everything in life is perfect.