The only person you expect to be up high in the air around Christmas is Santa in his sleigh. For our office Christmas party this year, we decided that we would join him up in the skies, by taking part in a hot air ballooning experience. This might not be a typical festive treat, but we had plenty of reason to celebrate.

We’d had the most successful year in the history of the company, raking in lots more money for the team fund- which meant we could take part in adventures like this. On the final day of the working year, when everybody else would still be hard at work, our team would be high in the skies celebrating a fantastic twelve months. Not bad for a small company, with just a few staff members!

When I suggested this idea to the team originally, they all loved the sound of it, so I went straight to the Scenes Above website to make sure we could all make our way up high. There would be no better feeling than celebrating the end of our most successful year to date up in the skies, armed with bubbly and great vibes. I couldn’t imagine a better way for the team to celebrate the festive season if I tried.

We decided to go watch the sunrise- although as this was winter, we didn’t need to wake up too early to make our way over to see it! As soon as we arrived at the site, the staff did everything they could to make the experience perfect. They even helped us get into the Christmas spirit; although we came prepared as we had Santa hats and tinsel to wear once we were up in the skies. This may have been a celebration of our success, but we couldn’t forget this was also a Christmas party.

When we had made our way up to the skies, everybody on the team had the time of their lives. Watching the sunrise from that high is an experience I completely loved and definitely want to see again. I was surprised it gave me as much of an adrenaline rush as it did! As soon as we came back down to earth, there wasn’t a single team member who didn’t want to go all the way back up- so we’ll definitely have to come again!