Why choose to book Hot Air Ballooning with us?
We are the best in the business. We have countless years of experience in the activity industry, in particular with Hot Air Ballooning, aiming to bring you the best possible experience.
How do I go about contacting Scenes Above?
If you need to contact Scenes Above for any reason, simple click here to go to our contact page here you can email us directly, request a call back or find our telephone number and address.
How do I book an event with Scenes Above?
Booking with us has never been simpler. Just browse our website and find the right venue for you and then follow our secure online booking process to get your booking secured. Alternatively, you can give one of our hot air ballooning experts a call who will be more than happy to assist you with your booking. get in touch via our contact page.
How can I organise a group booking?
Our quotes are interactive so you are able to invite your group members through the quote and then they can book and pay separately as and when they are ready. They can also view all the details of the event, saving the organiser a lot of work. Alternatively, get in touch via our contact page.
Can I order a gift voucher for Hot Air Ballooning?
Absolutely. We have an excellent range of gift vouchers for you to choose from that will ensure your friend enjoys an exhilarating day of action. We offer Gift Vouchers in GBP25, GBP50, GBP100 denominations which are redeemable for up to 12 months, just click here.
Will adverse weather conditions affect the booking?
Only in the most extreme conditions where we deem it would harm your safety or spoil your experience would we ever consider cancelling a booking. Adverse weather conditions are bound to occur but no matter the weather we’ll strive to provide you with the best experience possible.


What is Hot Air Ballooning?
Hot Air Ballooning is an activity where the participants are in a basket which is propelled into the sky through the use of a burner. The Hot Air Balloon is directed by the wind.
How long will the hot air balloon ride last?
Hot Air Ballooning has an average duration of an hour but can be varied depending on prevailing winds and suitable landing locations. We recommend you ease on the side of caution and allow a couple of hours.
What should I wear?
You don't have to wear any special clothing but it's probably best to wear some sensible and comfortable outdoor clothing to keep warm up there along with some suitable footwear. No high heels ladies.
Can we bring cameras or recording devices?
Yes, this is encouraged to capture the scenery of a lifetime.
When can I do Hot Air Ballooning?
Hot Air Ballooning can be done weekdays or weekends, but this does depend on availability so we would advise to book ASAP to get your session time confirmed.
Is there a Hot Air Ballooning venue near me?
With 159 Hot Air Ballooning locations to choose from across the UK and Ireland, chances are one of our venues will only be a short distance from where you are or where your looking to go. Click here for a list of venues and find the perfect location for you.